White Dove Releases

White Dove Releases at The Spirit Horse Farm


White Dove Releases for Weddings, Funerals and Special Memorial Events

White Doves have throughout the ages have symbolized peace, love, joy, and the hope of a new beginning. How befitting, then, that a dove release be included in any celebration of life . . . whether it be wedding doves, a funeral, a memorial service, a christening, a confirmation, a bar mitzvah, an anniversary, a birthday, a church dedication or a new business venture . . . the possibilities are endless. Your vision is our palette, and our goal is to create a flawless dove release, custom- made . . . especially for you.

Whatever your celebration might be, we can enhance the ambiance of the occasion with the breathtaking sights and sounds of a ceremonial white dove release. The gentle rustle of feathers and the unforgettable vision of pristine white doves soaring towards the heavens in winged flight create a symbolic tribute to your special day and a magical moment in time for all who share in it.

We can arrange a dove release for you, or as a special gift from you, in the Tri State Area, Ct, NY, and NJ. The gift of snow white doves is a unique, thoughtful alternative to flowers. In lieu of flowers, send a dove release!

The release birds are doves, which are specially trained and conditioned for   their mission. After circling to get their directional bearing, they will journey to their loft where they are cared for and loved.

  • We do not release our birds indoors or near power lines.
  • We do not provide birds for self release. An experienced coordinator accompanies our birds to each event.
  • Our goal is to enhance your celebration with a flawless release and to assure a safe flight home for our doves.

 Doves have no homing abilities and will not survive in the wild.
We do not release the birds indoors, at night, or in inclement weather.