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Weddings! The Spirit Horse Farm is a wedding venue in Kent, CT.

WE ARE finally ready for our first wedding of the season! It’s always such an honor to host weddings here, and large or small, they are always spectacular. Still, the preparation is always more than we expect, and we know we can only blame ourselves. Weddings are just so much fun, who could help but get carried away in the preparations! Special thanks to everyone who finds us here and chooses to share their special memories with us!

The summer season is perfect for your outdoor wedding. The Spirit Horse Farm gardens are alive with blooms, delighting your guests and providing a scenic backdrop for your reception  and wedding ceremony.
Many of our wedding parties will create a destination wedding weekend here, with Friday night barbecue, Saturday morning recreation, Saturday afternoon & evening wedding festivities, and Sunday Brunch.

Affordable Weddings

Seeking the most affordable wedding package?  If you have flexibility with your wedding date then we may have a suitable package and the right venue to fit your budget!

How to save on your wedding planning:

1. Cut the guest list. This will slash your catering costs and save on invitations and even the number of centerpieces.

2. Think off-peak season and save thousands!

3. Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot, it will cut travel time for vendors you pay by the hour.

4. Skip the Saturday wedding.

5. Have bigger tables so you need fewer centerpieces and tablecloths.

Horse Rescue CT, Rescuing Hope

Horse Rescue CT

Rescuing Hope

Horse Rescue CT, Hope is a two year old quarter horse filly that we just adopted from the Bella’s Way Horse Rescue facility close by. She was rescued from the slaughter line and now resides here with us, at The Spirit Horse Farm. Her spirit is right with us. She is kind, gentle, patient and inquisitive. Not at all put off by the sometimes intense attention she is getting from the regulars here, including Banjo, our cocker spaniel, and Padda, the free ranging peacock. Both insist on drinking from her water trough! Her name is fitting, for she brings hope to us, to our guests, and to other equines who are being abandoned in record numbers now because of the rising cost of horse ownership.

The Spirit of the Horse is the Spirit of Freedom and Courage in the face of adversity. That  Spirit is evident in eye of every equine, and is the very essence of Hope.

Hope is here at Spirit Horse!

This rescue was founded by Jill Borsey after she fell in love with her first horse. “Bella” a 17 year old “off the track Thoroughbred”. “Bella” was used as a Broodmare and had Strangles when Jill first got her. She was also severely underweight. She is one of the horses that will have “Bella’s Way” as a forever home. She is doing amazing and is at a perfect weight. 🙂
 Bella’s Way Inc. is a non-profit organization that rescues horses and ponies that have been abused, neglected, abandoned,surrendered, and purchased from auction or slaughter. We are small organization that is 100 % volunteer based. We recieve no town, state, or federal funding, all funds are out of our own pockets. All donations go directly to our horses.
 When we feel horses are ready to be placed any potential adopters are carefully screened and must sign our contract that states that the horses cannot be sold, bred or put into any form of livestock auction. We also reserve the right to review any potential adopters facilities prior to the horse being adopted. It is our goal to ensure that no rescue horse will ever have to be rescued again.

The Spirit Horse Farm White Dove Release Gallery

The Spirit Horse Farm White Dove Release Gallery

  • The Spirit Horse Farm places the health and safety of our doves first and foremost. For this reason, we adhere to a humane release policy with strict provisions to protect our birds from dangerous circumstances.
  • We maintain only properly banded, healthy, white racing pigeons who are trained to return home when released.
  • We will not release our birds in inclement weather including thunderstorms, fog, high winds and snow. A total refund of monies shall be afforded should inclement weather prevail and result in a cancellation.
  • We do not release our birds at night or within one hour of sunset.
  • We do not release our birds indoors or near power lines.
  • We do not provide birds for self release. An experienced coordinator accompanies our birds to each event.
  • Our goal is to enhance your celebration with a flawless release and to assure a safe flight home for our doves.
    • The Spirit Dove Release  A single snow white dove is released in a symbolic tribute to your loved one at the conclusion of the gravesite or memorial service. Usually, the dove is released from the hand of a family member, or, if you prefer, directly from a basket. People have expressed how comforting it feels to release the dove, how it opens up the grieving process, and how it allows them to say a final farewell and let go. When released, the dove will usually fly directly into the sky, and when he has his bearings, return home.
    • The Trinity Release Three doves symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are released, followed momentarily by a single dove representing the spirit of your loved one. The single dove will usually join the three doves in formation, and they will fly home together.
    • The Final Journey Home  A single dove is presented to a family member to release. Momentarily, a flock of ten white doves are set free to join the single dove in flight. The single dove signifies the soul of the departed, and the flock symbolizes the spirits of those loved ones who have passed before, welcoming and showing the departed soul the way home. As the single dove soars with his flock of angels and ascends into the heavens on his final journey home, you will experience a truly touching conclusion to your loved ones service.
    • The Dove Companion  A snow white dove in a beautiful cage is placed near your loved one during visitation.




Dove Releases Spirit Horse Farm Litchfield County, Westchester, CT

 Dove Releases  Spirit Horse Farm  Litchfield County, Long Island, Westchester, CT


Dove Releases  Spirit Horse Farm  Litchfield County, Westchester, CT

Memorial Day White Dove Release Kent, Ct.

Memorial Day White Dove Release  Kent, Ct. 

White doves released in Kent, CT on Memorial Day 2012.

We let the white doves loose following a short prayer in the Saint Andrews Church cemetery. It was quite a sight for all to see. The doves were all home by sunset, and circled overhead just as the last poles were being placed for our tipi. It was a perfect night for the inaugural fire, with moon, stars, friends and guests on hand to witness the soft pulsing glow of firelight coming from inside.

The Spirit Horse Farm


This is the article from the

KENT — The Kent Memorial Day parade will take place Monday, organizing at Kent Center School on Judd Avenue at 9 a.m. for a 9:30 start.

In the event of rain there will be no parade, but ceremonies will be held at the school.

A flyover by the Connecticut Air National Guard will take place, weather permitting.

The parade will start at the school and turn right onto Route 341, entering St. Andrew’s Cemetery through the west gate, where the Rev. Roger White of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church will offer a prayer, followed by a 21-gun salute and taps.

After leaving the cemetery, the parade will turn left onto Route 341, head east across Route 7 and stop in front of veterans’ memorial on Veterans Way.

The color guard and veterans will continue to the veterans memorial, where World War II veteran Robert Bauer will place a wreath at the monument and the Rev. Thomas Berberich of Sacred Heart Church will offer a prayer. A 21-gun salute and taps will follow.

The color guard and veterans will meet up with the rest of the parade at the Civil War monument on Route 7, where Charlotte Lindsey of the Kent Veterans Committee will place a wreath at the monument, the “Gettysburg Address” will be read by a Kent Center School student, a prayer will be offered by the Rev. David McIntosh, and a 21-gun salute and Taps will take place.

From there, the parade will continue north, stopping at the Kent Memorial Library.

At the library, Korean War veteran Jerry White will place a wreath, the names of the deceased Kent veterans who died of injuries received in combat will be read by First Selectman Bruce Adams, “America the Beautiful” will be sung by Bethany Keck, the Kent Center School band will perform, Berberich will offer a prayer, and a 21-gun salute and echo will be heard.

The parade will continue north on Route 7, concluding at the Kent Congregational Church Cemetery, where the Rev. Melinda Keck will offer a prayer.

A 21-gun salute and taps will take place at the end of each portion of the parade.

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“ABOUT | Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Saint Andrew’s Parish was organized in 1806, and has been worshiping in the stone church at the corner of Routes 7 and 341 since 1826. The building is one of the earliest examples of the Gothic Revival style in the nation.


Saint Andrew’s has a long tradition of outreach and has a special relationship with L’Ecole le Bon Samaritain in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It also has well-established choir and is host to numerous concerts each year, including performances by the Kent Singers, Sherman Chamber Ensemble and also faculty and student artists from Kent School. The annual Christmas Bazaar on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, draws shoppers from throughout Litchfield County and upstate New York, as does the annual Tag Sale at the beginning of August.


The Reverend Roger B. White has been Rector of the parish since 1985. A native of Chicago, he is an alumnus of Yale Graduate School and Yale Divinity School.”

Season’s first Wedding at Spirit Horse Farm!


Season’s first Wedding at Spirit Horse Farm

WE ARE finally ready for our first wedding of the season! It’s always such an honor to host weddings here, and large or small, they are always spectacular. Still, the preparation is always more than we expect, and we know we can only blame ourselves. Weddings are just so much fun, who could help but get carried away in the preparations! Special thanks to everyone who finds us here and chooses to share their special memories with us!


Spirit Horse Farm Spring!

Spirit Horse Farm Spring

We have had so many great guests come to visit so far this spring. And many friends returning back for second, third, and even fourth visits! Like the doves coming back from from their wayward meanderings, our guests and friends always bring an unexpected joy to the farm!

Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm?

 Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm!

Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm,

4:45 pm on December 15th, 2011.
The sun rose with defiance this morning over a light dusting of snow, and after an incredibly mild yet shockingly short day, has set again quietly over our grateful little farm.
It is still 53 degrees outside with children and adults finding cause to linger out of doors. The air is oddly reminiscent of spring, and the wood fire smells and long trails of smoke are noticeably absent in our river valley.
Every winter I secretly hope the arctic air won’t show, but usually by Thanksgiving, we know it is inevitable. This year feels VERY DIFFERENT!
I can only hope that these warm breezes linger into January, if for no other reason than to give our livestock a break from the harshness of winters past. I have hens sitting, and baby doves in the dovecote, and the peacocks are basking in the still soft soil that is usually rock solid and icy cold by now! Even the cows are frisky!

Nothing to Crow About at Spirit Horse Farm!

Nothing to Crow About at Spirit Horse Farm!

Five days without power, but we can’t complain! The weather following the storm has been spectacular, and though the the roosters clammed up at first, the rest of us were awestruck by the beauty and simplicity of life without electricity, running water or heat. Seriously, when the power finally came back on, there was a touch of disappointment in the adult circles, and my daughter Sarah literally burst into tears! The girls loved managing the candles every night, and I think we all really came to appreciate the cooperation and mutual reliance that come with the daily collecting of melt-water and firewood, and the communal food preparation and meal sharing that have become a true rarity in our everyday lives!