Horse Rescue CT, Rescuing Hope

Horse Rescue CT

Rescuing Hope

Horse Rescue CT, Hope is a two year old quarter horse filly that we just adopted from the Bella’s Way Horse Rescue facility close by. She was rescued from the slaughter line and now resides here with us, at The Spirit Horse Farm. Her spirit is right with us. She is kind, gentle, patient and inquisitive. Not at all put off by the sometimes intense attention she is getting from the regulars here, including Banjo, our cocker spaniel, and Padda, the free ranging peacock. Both insist on drinking from her water trough! Her name is fitting, for she brings hope to us, to our guests, and to other equines who are being abandoned in record numbers now because of the rising cost of horse ownership.

The Spirit of the Horse is the Spirit of Freedom and Courage in the face of adversity. That  Spirit is evident in eye of every equine, and is the very essence of Hope.

Hope is here at Spirit Horse!

This rescue was founded by Jill Borsey after she fell in love with her first horse. “Bella” a 17 year old “off the track Thoroughbred”. “Bella” was used as a Broodmare and had Strangles when Jill first got her. She was also severely underweight. She is one of the horses that will have “Bella’s Way” as a forever home. She is doing amazing and is at a perfect weight. 🙂
 Bella’s Way Inc. is a non-profit organization that rescues horses and ponies that have been abused, neglected, abandoned,surrendered, and purchased from auction or slaughter. We are small organization that is 100 % volunteer based. We recieve no town, state, or federal funding, all funds are out of our own pockets. All donations go directly to our horses.
 When we feel horses are ready to be placed any potential adopters are carefully screened and must sign our contract that states that the horses cannot be sold, bred or put into any form of livestock auction. We also reserve the right to review any potential adopters facilities prior to the horse being adopted. It is our goal to ensure that no rescue horse will ever have to be rescued again.

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm, Yea! The doves have come, settled into their new dovecot, and are now practicing their flyovers. I have to admit, its a little scary when they leave. Will they come back? They are sometimes gone for hours, and at 50+ miles per hour, I just wonder how they come back, and also why! Plus, the Cooper and Sharp shin Hawks must already know! Today they were out in the Heavy Storms, and got so soaked they looked like they might turn to slush!

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm
The doves have come home!