Nothing to Crow About at Spirit Horse Farm!

Nothing to Crow About at Spirit Horse Farm!

Five days without power, but we can’t complain! The weather following the storm has been spectacular, and though the the roosters clammed up at first, the rest of us were awestruck by the beauty and simplicity of life without electricity, running water or heat. Seriously, when the power finally came back on, there was a touch of disappointment in the adult circles, and my daughter Sarah literally burst into tears! The girls loved managing the candles every night, and I think we all really came to appreciate the cooperation and mutual reliance that come with the daily collecting of melt-water and firewood, and the communal food preparation and meal sharing that have become a true rarity in our everyday lives!

Saoirse’s Birthday!

It’s Saoirse’s 5th Birthday today! She is the cutest little thing, and is aptly named! Her free and giving spirit has spread to all here today!

My daughters are with her and her friends in the pool. We are blessed and grateful to have met such wonderful people! The best thing about The Spirit Horse Farm is definitely the people who come to visit!

Happy Birthday Saoirse!