The Spirit Horse Farm White Dove Release Gallery

The Spirit Horse Farm White Dove Release Gallery

  • The Spirit Horse Farm places the health and safety of our doves first and foremost. For this reason, we adhere to a humane release policy with strict provisions to protect our birds from dangerous circumstances.
  • We maintain only properly banded, healthy, white racing pigeons who are trained to return home when released.
  • We will not release our birds in inclement weather including thunderstorms, fog, high winds and snow. A total refund of monies shall be afforded should inclement weather prevail and result in a cancellation.
  • We do not release our birds at night or within one hour of sunset.
  • We do not release our birds indoors or near power lines.
  • We do not provide birds for self release. An experienced coordinator accompanies our birds to each event.
  • Our goal is to enhance your celebration with a flawless release and to assure a safe flight home for our doves.
    • The Spirit Dove Release  A single snow white dove is released in a symbolic tribute to your loved one at the conclusion of the gravesite or memorial service. Usually, the dove is released from the hand of a family member, or, if you prefer, directly from a basket. People have expressed how comforting it feels to release the dove, how it opens up the grieving process, and how it allows them to say a final farewell and let go. When released, the dove will usually fly directly into the sky, and when he has his bearings, return home.
    • The Trinity Release Three doves symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are released, followed momentarily by a single dove representing the spirit of your loved one. The single dove will usually join the three doves in formation, and they will fly home together.
    • The Final Journey Home  A single dove is presented to a family member to release. Momentarily, a flock of ten white doves are set free to join the single dove in flight. The single dove signifies the soul of the departed, and the flock symbolizes the spirits of those loved ones who have passed before, welcoming and showing the departed soul the way home. As the single dove soars with his flock of angels and ascends into the heavens on his final journey home, you will experience a truly touching conclusion to your loved ones service.
    • The Dove Companion  A snow white dove in a beautiful cage is placed near your loved one during visitation.




Season’s first Wedding at Spirit Horse Farm!


Season’s first Wedding at Spirit Horse Farm

WE ARE finally ready for our first wedding of the season! It’s always such an honor to host weddings here, and large or small, they are always spectacular. Still, the preparation is always more than we expect, and we know we can only blame ourselves. Weddings are just so much fun, who could help but get carried away in the preparations! Special thanks to everyone who finds us here and chooses to share their special memories with us!


Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm?

 Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm!

Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm,

4:45 pm on December 15th, 2011.
The sun rose with defiance this morning over a light dusting of snow, and after an incredibly mild yet shockingly short day, has set again quietly over our grateful little farm.
It is still 53 degrees outside with children and adults finding cause to linger out of doors. The air is oddly reminiscent of spring, and the wood fire smells and long trails of smoke are noticeably absent in our river valley.
Every winter I secretly hope the arctic air won’t show, but usually by Thanksgiving, we know it is inevitable. This year feels VERY DIFFERENT!
I can only hope that these warm breezes linger into January, if for no other reason than to give our livestock a break from the harshness of winters past. I have hens sitting, and baby doves in the dovecote, and the peacocks are basking in the still soft soil that is usually rock solid and icy cold by now! Even the cows are frisky!

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm, Yea! The doves have come, settled into their new dovecot, and are now practicing their flyovers. I have to admit, its a little scary when they leave. Will they come back? They are sometimes gone for hours, and at 50+ miles per hour, I just wonder how they come back, and also why! Plus, the Cooper and Sharp shin Hawks must already know! Today they were out in the Heavy Storms, and got so soaked they looked like they might turn to slush!

Stormy Doves at Spirit Horse Farm
The doves have come home!

Dovecot: The doves are coming soon!

The dovecot is almost done and the doves arrive on Wednesday! I can’t wait to watch them circling over the farm. We have two peacocks looking for a new home, and tomorrow we go meet Sonny, a Tennessee Walking Horse with a great presence. He might be perfect!

The guests are so quiet tonight, but we can see their shadows (20 or so) against the garden walls in the flickering light of their wood fires. The weather here is perfectly cool, and the outdoor fireplaces are more popular than even the shimmering lights from the pool! June in New England can sometimes be like this, but in a few short weeks, the pool will definitely be the popular night spot at Spirit Horse.