Spirit Horse Farm Spring!

Spirit Horse Farm Spring

We have had so many great guests come to visit so far this spring. And many friends returning back for second, third, and even fourth visits! Like the doves coming back from from their wayward meanderings, our guests and friends always bring an unexpected joy to the farm!

Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm?

 Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm!

Mild Winter at Spirit Horse Farm,

4:45 pm on December 15th, 2011.
The sun rose with defiance this morning over a light dusting of snow, and after an incredibly mild yet shockingly short day, has set again quietly over our grateful little farm.
It is still 53 degrees outside with children and adults finding cause to linger out of doors. The air is oddly reminiscent of spring, and the wood fire smells and long trails of smoke are noticeably absent in our river valley.
Every winter I secretly hope the arctic air won’t show, but usually by Thanksgiving, we know it is inevitable. This year feels VERY DIFFERENT!
I can only hope that these warm breezes linger into January, if for no other reason than to give our livestock a break from the harshness of winters past. I have hens sitting, and baby doves in the dovecote, and the peacocks are basking in the still soft soil that is usually rock solid and icy cold by now! Even the cows are frisky!

Nothing to Crow About at Spirit Horse Farm!

Nothing to Crow About at Spirit Horse Farm!

Five days without power, but we can’t complain! The weather following the storm has been spectacular, and though the the roosters clammed up at first, the rest of us were awestruck by the beauty and simplicity of life without electricity, running water or heat. Seriously, when the power finally came back on, there was a touch of disappointment in the adult circles, and my daughter Sarah literally burst into tears! The girls loved managing the candles every night, and I think we all really came to appreciate the cooperation and mutual reliance that come with the daily collecting of melt-water and firewood, and the communal food preparation and meal sharing that have become a true rarity in our everyday lives!